Out Of Nowhere



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Out Of Nowhere
Some Samples:

The Players

The Binghamton/Triple Cities area is a hotbed of great music of all genres played by great musicians equal to players in other parts of the country including New York City. I’m lucky to have some of those musicians as friends, members of The Little Big Band Group and contributors to this album. Thanks guys!

Vic Merrill, Trumpet, Flugelhorn The premier trumpet/flugelhorn player in the Binghamton area (too humble of a man considering his immerse talent), Vic can be found playing in any number of bands in many styles (including polka) most any night of the week. In addition to The Little Big Band Group, Vic plays with Rooster and the Roadhouse Horns, Triple Down, Mystic Moondance, Scott Freeman and others.

Tim Donlin, Alto Saxophone, Flute Over the years Tim, a premier sax player in the Binghamton area, has played in every jazz band including Grand Central, The Jazz Exchange, Night Sounds, The Mason-Warrington Orchestra, and Al Hamme’s Swing Street Jazztet, contributing to that group’s CD “Potpourri”. Tim was a founding member of Rooster and the Roadhouse Horns. Currently, in addition to The Little Big Band Group, Tim plays in the Gene Dempsey Orchestra, Mystic Moondance, and the Scott Freeman Band.

Tom Federowicz, Bass, vocals Tom has been singing and playing bass and guitar in a variety of Binghamton area bands such as The Beatle Band, the Mason Warrington Orchestra, the Blue Velvet Big Band, as well as Swing Street Station, in addition to The Little Big Band Group. He has performed in a number of local theatrical productions over the years and currently directs the Contemporary Ensemble at Our Lady of Sorrows,

Susan Hurwitz, Piano, Vocals Susan studied piano performance at Buffalo and Binghamton universities, going on to a career in dance, vocal, and theater accompanying which included composing, arranging, and musical direction, many in the Binghamton area. In addition to playing in The Little Big Band Group and the Blue Velvet Big Band, she has played in several other bands in various styles including pop, jazz, swing and rock.

Mike Stebela, Drums Mike has worked with numerous big bands out of the NYC area over the years. Some of the smaller groups he has played with include Gary Burton, the Kai Winding Octet, Roy Clark and the DeCastro Sisters. In addition to The Little Big Band Group, Mike plays in the Blue Velvet Big Band

Bruce Dedrick Trombone, guitar,vocals  A musician/singer/composer/arranger with many credits including appearances on the Tonight Show, the Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas Shows, performing in Europe as well as opening for such artists as Roy Orbison, Orleans, The Happenings and others, Appeared on several album/CDs as a member of the Free Design, a finely tuned vocal group, including Cosmic Peekaboo, their most recent endeavor. He has also had several compositions published and recorded over the years. As leader, MC, lead singer, trombonist and guitarist, Bruce and his musicians have performed at hundreds of concerts, catered affairs, dinner dances, benefits, corporate functions, and other parties for the last twenty-five years in the Tri State area, the Southern Tier, in New England, and in the Philly, Baltimore and DC areas. www.thefreedesign.com   www.thelittlebigbandgroup.com


Guest artists:

Dr. Jason Dedrick, (my brother) Trombone trio on “Little Brown Jug”, vocals on “September Song”, IT professor at SU, leader of “The I Band”, a classic rock band, well known in the Syracuse area for benefit concerts and SU musical events, and. corporate functions.

Cayla Dedrick, (my niece), Vocals on “September Song”, Cal Tech student. A fine artist and musician.

Dana Tirrell, Trombone trio on “Little Brown Jug”. Veteran of many productions in the Binghamton area, including BU musical productions and choral productions as a singer and trombonist, as well as mentor/coach /assistant in the Teen Jazz Project. As bass trombonist, anchors the bone section of The Blue Velvet Big Band.

Ralph Muro, Vocals on “How High The Moon”. Vocalist for the great Mason-Warrington Orchestra, and star of his own Frank Sinatra concerts.

Robin Pitre, Keyboards on “How High The Moon”., longtime associate of Marvin Hamlisch as arranger, copyist and keyboardist. Arranger/composer/keyboardist for the Canadian Armed Forces music branch. www.PreparedMusic.com

Anne Sweeney, Vocals on “Route 66”. longtime member of Spectrum, my club date band in the NYC area, performing at countless affairs and shows in the NYC, NJ, Philly, DC and NE areas. In the 1980’s her band Freeman and Sweeney entertained US troops overseas under the auspices of the DOD. She has recorded original music for Fireplace Music and Spectrum.   Former featured soloist of the Richmond Choral Society, and current member of Voyces, an elite eighteen member vocal ensemble specializing in early music

James Burns, percussion on “Out Of Nowhere”, “You Can Call Me Al”, and “How High The Moon”.,Associate Professor of Music and Africana Studies Binghamton U. (Ethnomusicology). Professor Burns is also a teacher and performer of traditional music from Africa the diaspora, and directs the Nukporfe African Dance-Drumming Ensemble. binghamton.edu


The Arrangers:

Many musical pieces are familiar songs that one may have heard dozens of times, so it is always interesting to hear a new interpretation of an old song. That’s where the arranger comes in. Most of the names below are unfamiliar to the average listener, but I hope you enjoy their treatment of the music on this CD.

Jeff Jarvis (Track 12) has been associated with Kendor Music the publishing company founded by my father Art Dedrick for many years www.kendormusic.com and has distinguished himself as a trumpeter, composer, jazz educator, and music publisher. He serves as Director of Jazz Studies at California State University Long Beach the Music Director Emeritus of the Central New York Jazz Orchestra. www.jeffjarvis.net

Eric Burger (Track 10) is a freelance musician who just retired from 21 years with the US Army Band. He has performed in over 30 countries as a classical, jazz and rock trombonist, singer, and bass player, and is a noteworthy arranger and vocalist. Eric has performed on stage with Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and many other noted artists. For more of his many credits see: www.ericburger.org

Joseph Hasper (Track 1)is the Chief Arranger and CEO of Jazz Charts Online, an online music publishing company that has sold over 27,000 pieces of music over the past 9 years to clients in 24 countries. In addition, he is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma www.jazz-charts.com.

Gordon Goodwin (Track 5) a successful composer and arranger in Hollywood. A 2006 GRAMMY Award for his Instrumental Arrangement of “Incredits” from the Pixar film “The Incredibles”, three Emmy Awards, and thirteen GRAMMY nominations. Goodwin’s witty, intricate, and hard-swinging compositions in a veritable grab bag of styles: swing, Latin, blues, classical, rock and more. www.bigphatband.com

Stanley Newcomb “Stan” Kenton (Track 3) was a jazz pianist, composer, and arranger who led an innovative, influential, and often controversial American jazz orchestra. In later years he was active as an educator. More at www.stankenton.org

Lyle “Rusty” Dedrick (my uncle) (Tracks 6 & 17) was an American swing and bop jazz trumpeter and composer/arranger known for his work with Bill Borden, Dick Stabile, Red Norvo, Ray McKinley or Claude Thornhill, among others. Albums include: “Salute To Bunny Berigan”, “All By Myself” (Irving Berlin Collection), “Harold Arlen In Hollywood”, “Music Of America”, “Counterpoint For Six Valves” (w/Don Elliot) Learn more about Rusty at; www.kendormusic.com and google.

Art Dedrick (my father) (Tracks 2, 7 & 16) trombonist and arranger, who worked with Claude Thornhill, Red Norvo, and Vaughn Monroe, among others, and as staff arranger for the radio stations WBEN and WGR in Buffalo, NY. Dedrick went on to found the Kendor Music publishing company, and became a leader in the formative years of jazz education, and authored over 300 publications and arrangements. Learn more about Art at: www.kendormusic.com and google.

Christopher Dedrick (my brother) (Track 14) composer/arranger forThe Free Design, Canadian Brass, Ray Bradbury Theatre and many more movie, TV credits and awards in Canada and US too numerous to mention. See: www.chrisdedrick.com/biography.html

Bruce Dedrick (Me) (Tracks 4, 8, 9, 11, 13 & 15 and all vocal arrangements) Arranger/composer for area bands including Blue Velvet, Hudson Valley Swing, Moonlight On The Poconos Big Band, Spectrum Orchestra, Swing Shift Orchestra and The Little Big Band Group. Compositions published and recorded by Shawnee Press, Project 3, Light In The Attic, Hilltop Records and others. www.thelittlebigbandgroup.com  www.thefreedesign.com

Songs: Credits:

1. lt Don’t Mean A Thing…Ellington/Millsl //Arr. J. >Hasper

2. Bluesville Bus…Art Dedrick //Arr. Art Dedrick

3. At Last.. Warren/Gordon //Arr. S. Kenton

4. Boogie Medley.. Various//Arr. Bruce Dedrick

5. Moondance…Van Morrison //Arr. G.Goodwin

6. Here’s That Rainy Day…Heusen/Burke //Arr. Rusty Dedrick

7. Black Magic Woman…P. Green //Arr. Art Dedrick

8. September Song…Weil/Anderson //Arr. Bruce Dedrick

9. Little Brown Jug…J.E. Winner //Arr. Bruce Dedrick

10. Route 66…B. Troup //Arr. Eric Burger

11. You Can Call Me Al…Paul Simon //Arr. Bruce Dedrick

12. Out Of Nowhere…Heyman/Green //Arr. Jeff Jarvis

13. How High The Moon…Hamilton/Lewisl //Arr. Bruce Dedrick

14. 59th Street Bridge…Paul Simon //Arr. Chris Dedrick

15. Moonglow…Hudson/Mills/DeLange //Arr. Bruce Dedrick

16. When The Saints/Marchin’ ln…Trad. //Arr. Art Dedrick

17. Opus One….Sy Oliver //Arr. Rusty Dedrick