The Little Big Band Group led by Bruce Dedrick, is available for all types of parties and affairs, including weddings, corporate and club dances, church festivals, summer concerts and venues of all sorts. The group consists of six musicians: Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Keyboard, Bass and Drums. Our musical repertoire, especially strong in swing era music, is extensive and versatile, and our musicianship is second to none. We have the ability to expand by adding a female vocalist and/or an accordionist, and can even become a larger big band ensemble depending on the needs and budget any affair. We also have a Band/DJ combo which combines the best of both of those worlds to appeal to the tastes of all guests. For wedding ceremony music we offer a unique ensemble combo of Trombone and Bassoon.



As leader, MC, lead singer, trombonist and guitarist, Bruce and his musicians have performed at hundreds of concerts, dinner dances, corporate functions, and other parties for the last twenty-five years in New York City, upstate NY, Pennsylvania, New England, and in the Philly, Baltimore and DC areas, as well as performances in Europe.

Bruce Dedrick is a musician/singer/composer/arranger with many credits including appearances on the Tonight Show, the Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas Shows, as well as several albums/CDs as a member of the Free Design, a finely tuned vocal group who, after a hiatus of twenty years, recently released Cosmic Peekaboo, and in conjuction with The Little Big Band Group, recently performed several concerts for the benefit of the ALS Foundation. He has also had several compositions published and recorded over the yearsTheir repertoireThe Little Big Band Group consists of local musicians such as Vic Merrill (trumpet) and Tim Donlin (sax) and a rhythm section of Susan Hurwitz, Tom Federowicz and Mike Stebela.

Here is the band in action!

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